Brand Story About Beaudiva

Brand Story

Beaudiva is one China based 100% human hair company, having our own factory and warehouse in China and supplying human hair bundles & accessories and wigs in the world.


Beaudiva help every females to get beauty and a colorful life with the best service,excellent quality and affordable price.

Beauty is the spirit we want every ladies to have - Bold, Lively and Full of spirit.

Beaudiva was created because every woman deserves high quality 100% human remy hair, easy to apply, and extremely discreet.

We promise that we will be there to answer all your questions and you never have to feel like you’re alone!

We pay attention to our lovely customers and only want you to have better experience possible with Beaudiva! 

Any questions about Beaudiva, contact Service Team.

Text: +1(631)213-1317
+1(732)258-2209 (USA)

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