Why the 13*6 HD lace frontal wig is so popular in USA?

Now more and more women choose HD lace frontal wig as their fist choice than medium brown lace wig, although HD wig is more expensive like 13*6 HD lace front wig. This wig combines the advantages of the lace front wig and the full lace wig.It has a 13x6 inches lace frontal closure sewing in the front of the wig, creating a natural hairline and matching all the skin.

Today we introduce some advantages as belows:

The most natural-looking for bigger 13*6 lace than 13*4, doing more natural-looking hairline and the most natural deep part.

The more different hairstyles:combing hair to back, leaving a natural and beautiful hairline and combing hair to a high ponytail.

The more vivid transparent lace for higher quality transparent lace frontal closure,bringing the most realistic feeling to u.No matter what color your scalp skin is, the transparent lace human hair wig will show the more natural

The affordable price for 13*6 HD lace frontal wig, cheaper than full lace wig, giving u the most natural-looking and then help u save more money.

13×6 lace front wig many kinds of hair types are available. Body wave, straight, deep wave, curly hair, loose deep and blonde wig etc. All kinds of hair wigs come with pre-plucked hairline, very friendly for beginners.

It is very important to install 13*6 lace frontal wig in a right way, it will extend the hair span and protect your natural hair. For one wig beginner, we suggest that you need some help from your hairstylist.

Now you know why 13*6 HD lace wig is so popular and then we hope that you will have one your own HD lace wig in your life. Contact Beaudiva service team if you still have any questions for HD lace wig.

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