What is a Brazilian Hair? 8 Things You Need To Know!

by SEO Mark February 26, 2019

For most women, a beautiful hair is more than just striking the jackpot. It is something you need to care for, work for and cherish for the rest of your life. A beautiful hair is a representation of a woman’s specific style and personality. This is why making sure that your hair is always gorgeous and vibrant.

When looking for gorgeous hair extensions, the market offers different types. However, the best real hair extensions must be made from gorgeous Brazilian hair, which is considered the highest quality of human hair.

Brazilian hairs are totally natural and are not processed via chemical methods that can cause damage. All of its cuticles are also well-protected from any outside damages. Curious much?

Here are 8 things you need to know with the very popular virgin Brazilian Hair!

Brazilian Hair: What’s That?

brazilian hairBrazilian hair has gained popularity in the last couple of years, all thanks to its versatility and luxurious texture. Brazilian hairs are extremely beautiful and make a great-looking extension and may come in curly, straight or wavy patterns.

The straight textures are not that wire-straight and tend to have light waves. This hair also styles quite easily and even though not recommended, Brazilian hairs can handle heat well and hold a curl all day long. It blends well with many natural ethnic hair styles and textures and should last up to a year and more if properly taken care of.

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Where Does It Come From?

Usually, Brazilian hairs are collected from donors in the South American region. Most of these donors come from rural and small places within Brazil, where they get paid for growing and donating healthy, strong hairs.

Unfortunately, a true Brazilian hair is quite rare. As a matter of fact, the majority of hairs that are labeled as virgin Brazilian hair is curly Indian hair which has been steamed. It is quite common for suppliers to go to Brazil in order to buy wholesale Indian hair and take it back and sell it to their original country as well as selling it to women across the world through the Internet.

Features of a True Brazilian Hair Extensions

Material: Grade 7A Brazilian Human Hair, 100 percent unprocessed virgin human hair

Weight: 95 – 100 grams per bundle

Length: 8 – 30 inches or provide any mix length according to your request

Hair Color: Black

Suitable Dying Colors: All Colors

Styles: Deep wave, kinky curls, loose deep wave, loose wave, straight, body wave, etc.

Hair Weft: Double Machine Weft

Advantages of a Brazilian Hair Extension

  • It can be cut to the desired length and colored to match your natural hair or dyed highlights.
  • Brazilian hair is made of human, all-natural hair and are of high quality. It looks natural, healthy, shiny and authentic.
  • It is possible to use flat irons, curling irons, curlers or other heated styling products on them.
  • It is easy to style and maintain since it does not tangle or mat-like other lesser quality human hair.
  • It is simple to clip or loop into your own hair.
  • Brazilian hair is highly versatile and helps reduce the bundle of hairs that you purchase.
  • It is extremely durable and last longer than other types of human hair including Malaysian, Japanese and Indian hair.
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    Disadvantages of a Brazilian Hair Extension

    • Since Brazilian hairs are rare and of high quality, its price is quite steep. Natural Brazilian hairs are a bit expensive and you will need at least three pieces for the desired look, depending on your natural hairs texture, length, and thickness.
    • Furthermore, you might also need extra money for salon assistance when installing a Brazilian hair weave for the very first time. Placing a Brazilian hair incorrectly can cause it to be noticeable and gaudy.

    Brazilian Hair Color and Styling

    Brazilian Hair Color and StylingBrazilian hairs are known for styling and coloring great. If you are working with such a good quality hair extension then this should never be a problem.

    From dramatic colors to wand curls, Brazilian hair rocks! You can make it completely blonde and add some splash of red, purple, blue or any favorite color of yours and style it to your heart’s content— from drop down straight to beachy waves and rebellious curls.

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    How Long Does It Last?

    Brazilian hairs are luxuriously soft yet requires low maintenance. With proper care, this beautiful hair can last or at least 12 to 24 months.

    Brazilian Hair Care and Maintenance

    Brazilian Hair Care and MaintenanceIt is quite important that you take great care of a Brazilian hair. After all, you paid a good amount of money, so you might as well use it for years to come.

    Brazilian hairs need to be washed regularly either by yourself at home or a stylist, in order to keep it smelling and looking great.

    I highly recommend using non-sulfate shampoos when washing your hair with the Brazilian extensions installed. And since this is a 100 percent human hair, you can use a hair dryer in order to quickly dry it out. However, make sure that you begin at the tracks so you don’t trap any extra moisture on the scalp.

    When working with Brazilian hairs, a wide tooth comb should be your friend. Also, be sure to use nightly use of a 100 percent silk wrap or bonnet to significantly prolong your install.


    If you want a shiny and thick hair that should last well, then getting a Brazilian hair is always the right choice! It is comfortable and will make you want to show off that your hair extensions will feel and look so natural. A Brazilian hair will give you a sensual look that brings great confidence as you walk down the street.

    SEO Mark
    SEO Mark


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