Top 10 Hairstyles for Wigs

by SEO Mark February 23, 2019

Shopping for wigs can be a pretty exciting experience. There are so many different styles out there! Some come pre-styled so you only need to put the wig on and flaunt your new hairdo!

However, wigs can also be styled according to your own preference. If you love experimenting with your looks, then wigs can offer you whichever style you love best and for something completely different without waiting for your natural hair to grow out or compromising its health because of chemicals.

So, without further ado, here are some of the top hairstyles you can try on your wig for any event or occasions!

1. Frohawk

frohawk hairstyles for wigsSimilar to Mohawk and sometimes called fohawk or faux hawk, the frohawk is an emerging style in the wig community. This curly updo style is simple yet attractive and can be easily customized to fit your outfit and profile. You can even accentuate this hairdo with platinum blonde highlights.

The style will look nice regardless if you have a long, medium or short-length wig. In order to create this style, you can use bobby pins and afro picks. This style highlights the versatility of natural-looking wigs.

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2. High Or Low Bun

Buns are always easy to make and serve as a “go to” style for many women. As a matter of fact, a high bun is a great protective hairdo which helps protect the hair ends and looks very classy. This hairdo works really well with most hair length.

3. Half-Up Bun

If a full bun is not your style then maybe a half-up bun should do the trick. Half buns give you the protective classy look while flaunting the lower part of your hair. You can try a super high topknot with a straight wig for a night out twist or try a beachy knot with a wavy wig for your day-to-day adventures.

4. Crochet Braids

Crochet Braids Hairstyles for WigsThis type of braid tends to confuse some people since the name usually refers to the method that is used and hairstyles may look quite different. The crochet method is quite similar to particular types of weave styles, where you start by cornrowing the hair prior to adding some extensions.

When doing crochet braids, you will need to insert crochet needle to the chosen cornrow braid. A handful of tiny hairs should get threaded onto the crochet needle before it is pulled through the cornrow braid. Then, it is tied into a knot so it stays secure on your natural hair.

5. Space Buns

Space buns or as some calls it as Mickey Mouse buns are a bit edgy type of buns. You can do it do it with a full bun or half-up bun. Just make sure that you have two buns on your head. It is a great choice if you are looking to change up your hairdo. Although this style can be worn at any age, it is particularly cute on young ones.

6. Twists

twist hairstyles for wigsTwists— whether mini, 2-strand, or flat— are some of the most popular wig hairstyles for black women in the US. These hairdos are typically achieved by dividing the wig into various sections. The hair strands are then twisted.

A variation of hair twists called “twist out” hairstyle is where the hair that has been twisted is untwisted in order to create a texture that is big and loosely crimped. Twist out also comes with multiple varieties. The three-strand twist out, for instance, is done with the use of 3 strands of hair which gives a textured hairdo when untwisted.

Some of the most popular twists include Senegalese twists, flat twist, two-strand twists, Marley twists, and Havana twists. Depending on your hair length, some of these may require particular types of hair extensions.

7. French Braids

Commonly referred to as French Plait, a French braid is among the most used styles for long, straight wigs. Three sections of the hair are included and braided together. You can start at the crown of the head moving down the nape of the neck or until the tip of the hair. This hairdo comes with different variations such as Dutch braid or fishtail braid which are both great for special occasion and everyday styling.

8. Ponytails

Nothing stays polished like a smooth and shiny pony. Plus, throwing one only takes up just a few seconds. Crimp it, curl it, tease it, you name it! In terms of customizing a ponytail, the world is in your hands.

Use a hairbrush to smoothen out the base of your pony for a chic and simple look and do not be afraid to get creative and add some curls, braids or whatever else piques your interest.

A quick low pony is the easy go-to for gym days, home errands and more while a teased crown and soft waves are the ultimate date night combo

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9. Canerows, Cornrows Or Braids

Cornrows Hairstyles WigsThese are traditional African hairdo where the wig is braided extremely close to the scalp. Then, an underhand upward motion is used in order to create a row which is raised and continuous.

Most times, cornrows are formed in simple and straight lines, thus its name. However, they can also be formed in designs that are geometric or curvilinear.


These hairdos are so popular since they are very easy to maintain. And if properly maintained through careful washing and regular oiling, rows can be left in for even a few weeks at a time.


10. Added Bangs

Straight wig, curly wigs— whatever it is, bangs will be a great complement— whether you choose a side, feathered or front bangs. If you are tired of tying your wig or styling it with heated tools, just clip a bit off and wear it with a BANG!

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