Human Hair vs Virgin Hair: What’s the Difference?

by SEO Mark February 15, 2019

These days, hair extensions are becoming more and more popular most especially among ladies all over the world. Hair extensions are in high demand and worn by ladies for some reasons, for instance, they tend to last longer.

However, when it comes to hair extensions most people think that all hair types that are currently accessible on the market such as virgin hair and virgin hair are the same. Unfortunately, this assumption isn’t true at all. As a matter fact, such hair types have lots of differences.

If you have ever wondered what is the difference between human hair and virgin hair. Or which one is the best, then you have come to the right place.

In this content, we will show everything that you need to know about the human hair and virgin hair. Further, we will help you decide which type suits you the most.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

What is Human Hair?

human hairHuman hair is a type of hair that hasn’t been mixed with any types of heat resistant or synthetic fibers. Even though it is 100 percent human hair, it has been chemically exposed of its cuticle so that it can be processed using a machine.

Usually, a human hair is gathered from hair that has fallen down on the floor or from a hairbrush. They are also collected from various people. Due to this method, each hair strand’s cuticle tends to be in various directions.

The problem with human hair is that when the wearer strips the cuticles they are going to get dryness, matting, tangling, as well as brittleness.

Always bear in mind that the cuticles are considered one of the most important parts of the hair and stripping them may possibly cause a lot of problems.

Cuticles are often removed and after which the hair will be dipped in silicone to make it look shinier and remove any cuticles that weren’t removed.

However, the silicone will add weight to the hair, as a result, the selling cost will become more expensive since it is sold per weight. At first, human hair looks like shiny and smooth. But after a couple of shampoos, its silicone part will begin to wash off making the hair tangle, duller, and brittle. What’s more, it will matte easily.

Either way, high-quality human hair tend to last long even if they may have been colored or chemically treated. However, if you opt for a low-quality item, you need to be careful because sometimes it has been diluted using synthetic hair in order to make the cost more affordable.

When opting for this type of hair, make sure to buy from trusted companies as they source hair ethically as well as make use of high-quality hair. Nevertheless, make sure you pay attention to what you are obtaining when buying human hair.

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What is Virgin Hair?

virgin hairVirgin hair is 100 percent real human which hasn’t been changed by any chemical processes. This hair is actually the highest quality hair on the market today.

However, virgin hair is quite expensive but you are certain that it will last long making it a great investment. Unlike human hair, virgin hair is collected from a virgin hair donor. Meaning to say, the hair has never been processed and treated chemically. Apart from that, it also comes from donors who have a long and at the same time healthy hair.

Usually, virgin hair comes from younger ladies, thus there are no split end and grey hairs. When donating virgin hair, donors should have healthy and long hair. This hair is usually collected by hands from long, thick, and full ponytails. Since they are gathered from ponytails, they don’t need any type of additional chemical handling to make it appear softer, shinier, and more beautiful.

Some wearers of hair extensions contemplate that the hair comes straight off the donor’s head and can’t be colored as well as that establishes as virgin hair. On the other hand, they also think that if the virgin hair is dyed after being gathered, the hair is no longer considered virgin. When it comes to hair extensions, actually, this isn’t true.

In the world of hair extension, virgin hair simply means that the hair gathered has no split ends, no grays, healthy, virgin, and no chemical processing involved during the time of collection.

At present, what separates various hair extension companies is the way how they process the virgin hair.

Keep in mind that this hair is delicate and it must be processed differently than other types of hair to keep it soft and healthy like it was while being gathered.

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Human Hair vs. Virgin Hair: What’s Their Difference?

Human Hair

  1. Human hair is gathered from several hair donors and then mixed together.
  2. The cuticle is often replaced using silicone
  3. Human hair is pretty affordable.
  4. Thicker compared to virgin hair.
  5. The hair will become dull, brittle, and tangle after a couple of washes.

Virgin Hair

  1. Not chemical processed and treated in any way.
  2. Never bleached, permed, dyed, and colored.
  3. Virgin hair is more expensive but tends to last for a longer period.
  4. The cuticles are in one piece
  5. The hair is collected from one person only and usually from a younger woman.
  6. It is softer and shinier compared to human hair.


When it comes to different types of hair, indeed there has been lots of confusion and it is crucial to know their differences. In fact, they are fully different in price, look, and quality.  

Both virgin hair and human hair can be a great option. However, if you are willing to spend much then virgin hair is perfect for you.

Nevertheless, whether you are planning to buy virgin hair or human hair, keep in mind that some sellers trick their customers that they are offering products of highest quality thus you need to be knowledgeable and careful.

Hopefully, with the help of this article, you have a clear idea of the difference between human hair as well as virgin hair.

SEO Mark
SEO Mark


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