How To Wear A Wig

by SEO Mark February 19, 2019

One of the trending now a day is about the fashion style of a person. From the head down to the toe. Some people want to go with the flow of this new fashion every year. But some just don’t care about it, as long as they are comfortable with what they are wearing.

how to wear a wigFor the past years, what include in the fashion style is just the clothes and shoes they are wearing. Then as the day goes by, the hairstyle is also important in the fashion industry. They create a different hairstyle for a man and for the woman. But, in our generation today the color of the hair also one of the hairstyles they invented, not only for woman but also for the man.

How about those people who are allergy to hair color? Or those who have bald? Or those who do not have hair? How can they join this trending fashion?

Because of creativeness and inspiration, there are people who invented the wig. Aside from hat that can be put in the head as a cover, the wig is also a head cover it is an only artificial one. It is made up of real human hair, synthetic fiber, or real animal hair. It is mostly worn by people trying to hide the real condition of their hair and it is also worn by people as a costume in play or for just a beautification for them.

Here is the tips on how to wear a wig properly for the other people will not notice that this is just an artificial hair and for you to stay confident and increase your self-esteem. Furthermore, some tips will teach you to wear it without easily falling.

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1. Put a wig cap

wig black capStart at the back of your head.
It is to hide your existing hair and for you to find the right size of the wig you will wear. It is important for you to know the size of your head so that you are comfortable with the wig you will wear. The wig cap is made up of a material like a fishnet and the other is similar to pantyhose. The difference of the two wig caps is that the fishnet-like wig cap is tight and the whole is big enough for some hair to come out, while the pantyhose wig cap is comfortable to wear because it is not too tight and it can also catch and cover all your hair. Use snap clips to let you wig cap fixed in place.

2. Put the wig

Grip the wig with your both hands. The way you hold it is by putting your hands inside facing each other while your thumbs are outside the wig. Slowly slide the wig into your head and make sure there is no side of the wig hidden over your head. Then, the scalp line of the wig is to be placed on your forehead.

3. Make sure the wig cap is covered so pull the wig down

If you already put the wig properly, pull it down at the back of the head so that it will cover up the wig cap you put. The wig may stretch until it covers all your natural hair. The scalp line of the wig should be below the natural hairline, but when it has bangs it can be placed aligned from the natural one. Not even the clips should be seen.

4. Keep the wig in place

You can use hairpins but I suggest that bobby pins are better to secure your wig. Pierce the bobby pins from wig to wig cap to your hair. Put bobby pins in every angle. The more pins the more it will not more.

Then test if it is put firmly into your head. You can test it by jumping, shaking your head and fling the wig around. If it moves then put some more pins.

5. Style the wig

style wigAfter securing the wig, you may want it to do something like styling it. Mostly, the wig has already its own style but you can at least brush it. do not put hairspray because it might cause damage.

If you have different styles of the wig, you should know what is the best wig that can partner up into the clothes you are wearing.


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There are so many fashion styles out there, but you are not required to follow any of those. Just be who you are and wear the fashion you are comfortable with. Don’t mind the people around you, you don’t live just to impress them by the way of your looks.

Those are the tips on how to wear a wig. If you think you will earn you confident and self-esteem by wearing a wig, then so be it. Just be careful and choose properly the wig you are wearing because it may be harmful to you.

SEO Mark
SEO Mark


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